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How will a comprehensive approach towards business development

  • Right choice of the advertising channels Will bring more targeted visitors to your website, namely, those who your profit depends on
  • Up-to-date functional website Will be a powerful sales tool and make a part of your business image
  • Standing out from competitors And appropriately presented advantages will help you to gain customers’ loyalty and ensure a reliable profit flow

5 features proving your business needs support

  • You have a website, but customers almost never visit it, leads are too expensive and there are only few of them
  • An advertising budget is going down the drain with no return expected
  • There are new serious competitors in your niche, and you feel you’re losing your position
  • You are tired of cutting down the prices, inventing special offers, making discounts when trying to somehow attract customers
  • You are trying to fit into the market with your product, but you don’t know how to start and accomplish your goals

Find out what prevents you from increasing the profit and what increase in sales you can reach

In addition, get the website audit, which costs $40, absolutely for free every month for the first 3 customers in B2B!

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Full circle sales generation by Teplin

Information collection
and business
Item 1
Website creation Item 2
customisation and
Item 3
We will provide to you an one-hour consultation, and detect key bottlenecks
We will carry out a 23-item analysis of your business and outline an action plan
We will analyse from 10 to 30 main competitors of yours and identify their strengths and weaknesses
Based on the data received, we will provide you with options for a unique selling proposition
We will examine the needs of your target audience, as well as pains, fears and expectations. If required, we will segment your TA into groups and prepare the analysis for each of them
We will develop a mock-up of the future website based on the USP and the information collected
We will set up additional options for analysis, fast receipt of applications and easy sales
We will make sure that landing, a website or an online store looked attractive in all the browsers and on every device
We will connect at least 5 specialists to work
We will provide you with a 100-percent working, visually pleasing tool, which will inform the prospective customers about your propositions and perform all the assigned functions and tasks
Based on the interests and needs of the TA, we will select 9 and more advantageous ad channels
We will make up attractive promotional offers for each segment of your target audience
We will find a hundred, two or three hundreds of “right” quotes to launch a successful advertising campaign
We will exclude empty phrases, filter out inappropriate visitors and save up to 75% of your budget
We will conduct preliminary testing and launch a campaign, based to its results. We will keep track of events, monitor key indicators and achieve maximum conversion
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